Do Less, Be More

I believe it is possible to "do less" and get more done, and be happier at the same time! By "do less", I mean less efforting, less cramming it all in, less adherence to the To-Do list, and more being present, resting, taking good care of yourself, and following your inspiration.  Christine Carter calls this strategic slacking in a great article Eight Ways to Achieve More While Working Less.  I recently gave a talk in my Toastmasters Club about the research supporting doing less to accomplish more.  To see the YouTube video click here.

Also found another article about the "scientific case for doing nothing" in an online journal called Experience Life.  Click here to read  the Upside of Downtime.

What does your experience say?  Do you get more done when you're more in the groove, and "doing" less?


Beth RosenthalComment