Mindfulness -- the next public health revolution?

I just read an interview with Dan Harris in the August 2014 issue of Mindful magazine.  When asked about his vision for the future of mindfulness, he responds that he would love if mindfulness became the next public health revolution, like "brushing your teeth, going to the gym, and listening to your doctor."  I agree with Dan.  Imagine if mindfulness was part of every child's education -- not just in the US, but everywhere in the world.  Imagine what your day to day life could look like if everyone you interacted with was more present, and you were more present, and neither of you were carrying with you into the interaction residues of pain from earlier experiences... imagine if you were more resilient than you had thought possible, and no longer lived in fear of possible future painful experiences... imagine if your health providers practiced mindfulness and were able to fully be with you when treating you.  As Dan says in the article, when we talk about mindfulness in a different way, a more practical and accessible way, it can reach a broader audience.  I think the results of more people becoming mindful will be happier, more effective, and healthier people living in a cleaner and more peaceful world. Practicing mindfulness is a win-win, for everyone.  Dan writes about his experiences becoming mindful in his book 10% Happier.

Beth RosenthalComment