How to keep conversations positive

Had a long walk and talk with my friend ML today, topped off with tea.  The question came up, what do you do when you are talking with someone who is negative, complaining, talking about things that don't make us feel good.  Here are 4 ways we thought about to stay in a positive, high vibing place:

1.  Avoidance -- don't make plans with that person or call them.  This may work some of the time, but takes energy and obviously doesn't work if you have to be with them, or otherwise would want to be with them.

2. Change the subject.  I have a friend who sometimes talks about things that make me uncomfortable (health concerns and bad experiences).  I was honest with her, told her I sympathized with her but have a vivid imagination and don't feel good when she's talking about that subject, would it be ok if we changed the subject?  Of course she agreed, and doesn't talk with me about those types of subjects.

3.  Friends that know about my high vibe orientation understand when I say I believe we attract what we focus on, and I don't want more of (whatever negative thing that came up in conversation), so let's talk about what we do want!

4. Pre-pave!  I think the best way to have only good feeling interactions, is to set my intentions beforehand about how I want things to go, how I want to feel, and to keep myself in a high vibing place so I'm a vibrational match to what I want.  That way what I don't want either doesn't come into my experience, or if it does, I don't notice it.


Beth RosenthalComment