One new habit at a time fun…

Today's post is inspired by a conversation I had with my friend HJ yesterday about how there were things she knew she should be doing, but she wasn't doing them, like eating well and taking her vitamins.  Whether it's some big thing we want to do, or a small piece of it, what stops us from doing what we believe will make us feel better?  More importantly, what will get us started on taking actions we want to be taking?

I'm a big believer in breaking actions into small steps.  Once you have the small step that you want to take, how do you decide what to do next?  In the May 25, 2015 blog post I mentioned an article by Christine Carter, a sociologist and "happiness expert".  

Christine's approach essentially is to start small, and link it with another activity you're already doing.  She also emphasizes the importance of fun and taking time to recharge during the day by taking breaks that are restful or playful (and definitely not something you have on your to do list). The breaks can be brief, but important to take.  

So, HJ, here's a thought for you... you like going to Bridge Base, right?  

Could you link taking your vitamins with playing?  The first time you sign in to play on a given day, take a vitamin!  Put your vitamins next to your ipad, and when you open to play, pop your vitamin in your mouth.  This small action, linked with something you are already doing and that you enjoy can help you be healthier and happier (and a better bridge player!) one game at a time.

What do people think?  What strategies do you use to develop new habits?

Visit Christine Carter's website here, and be sure to check out her free online class "Cracking the Habit Code".

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