What about "low vibing" people?

This question came up in my last High Vibe Time webinar.  What is the best way to encourage someone who is "low" vibing (someone who is depressed, negative, angry)? We've all encountered this, sometimes with people we love and care about, sometimes with people we just have to be around… What can we do? Some great suggestions were made by webinar participants from their personal experiences:

1. We really can't change anyone else, so the first thing is to stay high vibing yourself. This serves as a model to others without you having to say or do anything to change them.

2. What we focus on expands: take a blank piece of paper and write every possible positive aspect that you can about the person/situation.  See if you can fill the whole page with positive aspects and appreciations.

3. Remember to breathe, especially if you find yourself getting triggered.

4. Try to send them love – bring energy in to your body as you inhale and imagine sending loving energy out from your heart as you exhale.

5. We're all on our own paths! It may feel like we know what's best for someone else, but we each need to discover that for ourselves. Sometimes we remember to practice our high vibing ways, and sometimes we don't, and it's all okay!

What are your thoughts?  What works best for you?  Share your views by making a comment here.

Beth RosenthalComment