High Vibe Dancing with Matt (as in Where the Heck is Matt?)

I love dancing.  Read about six ways dancing can make your life better in my article titled Dance Yourself Happy.  Today I had an incredible High Vibing dancing experience with Matt Harding, of Where the Heck is Matt? fame.  Matt travels all around the world connecting with people by dancing joyfully, showing us all the goodness there is everywhere. Matt was in Chicago for two dancing events, and I couldn't find the one I was planning on going to.  I met a guy in a rainbow shirt, Marco, who had been at the first event earlier in the day and was looking for the Matt dancing crowd in location two.  We looked all over (and it was a very hot day), and after about 40 minutes gave up.  Marco gave me the Dancing with Matt magnet he had purchased earlier in the day as my "consolation" prize for not being able to meet Matt and dance with him. It was a very sweet gesture. I was happy to have met Marco, and to have discovered parts of Chicago I had not yet explored (including the Maggie Daley park).  I took a rest in the nearby Art Institute (air conditioned) and then all of a sudden I felt inspired to look in a part of the park I had not been to earlier, even though the event had started over an hour ago and was sure to be over.  I found the venue, but there was no sign of any Matt Harding dancing activity.  Then I saw a man that looked like Matt leaving the park with a young boy in tow.  I asked "Are you Matt?" and he said YES!  I not only got to meet Matt one-on-one, but we got to DANCE together!  View the video here. This is a high vibing experience I'll remember forever.  Thank you Universe, and Thank you Matt :)

Beth RosenthalComment