High Vibe Now! 

Here is a menu of free High Vibe Practices you can use right away.  

Click on the tool you are interested in for a more detailed description, examples of how to use it, and worksheets to get you started.

Attract more of what you want -- here is a summary with a short description of some of the practices.

Clarifying Desires -- writing down what you do want and how you do want to feel is the first step in clarifying what you desire in life.

Pumping up your desires -- thinking about why you want something (rather than the 'cursed hows') will help you in attracting what you want.

Setting Intentions -- gain practice in being clear about what you want, moment by moment.

Silver Lining -- remembering to look for the positive in a situation will help you receive more of what you want rather than more of what you don't want.

Universal To-Do list -- this is one of my favorites, and one I use every day.  Enlist the Universal Manager's help in getting everything done!

Creating Your Personal Program --start the day by checking off the practices you want to do that day. All the practices are described in the High Vibe book.

YouTube videos about selected HV tools coming...


Other Resources

Here are some additional resources you might find useful.

Mindful magazine.  www.mindful.org

Greater Good: The Science of a Meaningful Life http://greatergood.berkeley.edu/

Compilation of Research Resources: click here to download

eMindful Life