When we’re High Vibing, the invisible forces of consciousness, intention, intuition, and fields of energy become our allies.  – Beth Rosenthal, author of the High Vibe Guide
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The purpose of this site is to help people feel good.  I believe that when we are tuned into what makes us feel good, this will be better for everyone around us, and ultimately lead to a happier, more peaceful world.  

The way to attract what you want in life, from your smallest whim to your greatest heart’s desire, is to feel good. Our thoughts, feelings, intentions and expectations emit energy vibrations from us that then attract their match into our lives. This is the Law of Attraction. High frequency vibrations attract high vibing experiences, low frequency vibrations attract the bummer experiences. 


If you want personal guidance in applying these tools in your own life, contact Beth for information about HV Webinars, one-on-one consultations, group coaching, and interactive presentations. 

Personal Guidance Services:

One on one consultation/brain storming sessions, $125 / 50 minute session

Group Coaching (min 3 people), $45/each person/hour session

Free High Vibe Time Intro
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High Vibe Time Webinars, $75 for 3-part series (or $35/each individual session)
3 part series: Saturdays March 11, 18, and 25, 2017 at 7:30amPT/8:30amCT/9:30amET 

High Vibe Playshops! $35 for 75 minute in person workshop

Interactive presentations - varies

Payments can be made by clicking here: http://mkt.com/loving-living-life-inc