Loving Living Life

The point of my day is being happy.  Seriously, that's how I start my day.  Asking myself "what am I doing today that will keep me feeling good"?  Take a walk first thing, before the day gets away.  Some deep breathing, some meditation.  Ballroom dancing a couple of times a week.  Playing bridge, resting in restorative yoga poses.  In between all of this I work.

In my book It’s That Easy: The High Vibe Guide to Attracting what You Really Want, I guide people in using various tools to help them gain clarity about what they really want, and then allow it to manifest easily in their lives.  Find out more about High Vibe resources by visiting the High Vibe GuideHigh Vibe Practices or HVG Blog pages.

In my role as assistant director of the Academic Consortium for Complementary and Alternative Health Care (ACCAHC), I work with academic institutions to facilitate collaboration between integrative and conventional healthcare providers. As founder and executive director of Healing Centers United, I provide resources to help people understand their integrative healthcare options.